Feuille food Lab restaurant




  • Feuille food Lab, an escape—from the city of concrete, pollution, and clamor.
    So I built a little gathering place, situated on top of a roof terrace, away from the grounds below, full of vegetation and greeneries that can be picked straight and eaten, free from the pesticide of the city—a small tree house oasis.

  • /Feuille food Lab [french]—green leaf, symbolizes the yearning of my heart to be out in the wilderness. The green is the representing colour of nature itself and the leaf is the substantiated extension of it. The landscapes in the nature gave inspirations and shape to feuille vert’s cuisine. Here at the Feuille food Lab, I can be playful and formless, like the invisible and temperamental stroking winds, the watery mediums that moisten, the earth that provides, and the air that is soothing and carrying.

  • Feuille food Lab welcomes you away from the usual dining table, encourages you to immerse and participate in our seasonally driven menu, between 18-22 courses, and be playful like a child, in the mud, in the sand, and in the wild.

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