Feuille-European Restaurant


"Feuille" is not a restaurant, at least not conceptually and certainly not in the conventional sense. We do not have fixed business hours and our operations divide between the service and the research and development for the menu. At feuille, we are driven by our desires to understand and scrutinize the traditional cuisines at the fundamental level while at the same time, push our cuisines beyond the familiar boundaries of simply putting the food on the table. It is our belief that dining should not be only about satisfying our appetite, but also as an overall immersive experience for other sensory organs; dining should be as fun as entertainment analogous to watching a film or a  musical while enjoying the conceptual symmetry of indulging other senses in popcorns, a glass of bubbly, or a rich and decadent ice cream.

We have always kept a keen eye on the relationships between the ingredients we utilize and the environment in which they are grown and harvested from. In fact, that is how we derive the inspirations for the dishes we create. We have enjoyed being outdoors, learning, growing and foraging these plants and it is our objective to eventually grow our own vegetables in the vegetable garden.

Our cuisines, therefore, are our ways to celebrate and appreciate nature. We are conscious of the damage human activities have on the environment and we strive to minimize our impact by reducing food wastage and using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible to minimize our carbon foodprints.

Feuille isn't all just about researching and developing the dishes, but  how to choreograph the overall dining experience weights heavily on our minds as well. It has never been simply about filling up the glasses to the correct level when empty or delivering the plates to the guests at the precise moment or anticipating the guests' needs before they make a request, but rather how to bridge and convey those silent stories, secrets, and the emotions behind each dish from the kitchen to the guests.

Feuille is not a restautant. It does not have a  glamourous facade or artist- accentuated decors nor does it have gold or silver service ware a high end restaurant usually posseses as its basic arsenal. It is plain, rustic, and minimalistic. What makes it unique though is that we have no prejudice or pretensions when it comes to service and cooking. And the service members are very much like you and I who come from various professions and are actual diners who have seen the wrong doings many restaurants suffer at the expense of its diners. It is from this very origin that we humbly begin; we ask ourselves as guests what we would like to see in our establishment that is both welcoming and professional in various details from having basic vibrant smiles and a warm welcome upon entering the premise to offering complimentary drinks before being seated to identifying guests being either left or right- handed for cutlery placement to remembering our drinking water preference to providing blankets during colder months. We strongly believe that noticing these details is fundamental and they are the very basic requirement to a beginning of a continously refined and learning service standards. We further believe the only way to look after our guests in detail is to pair the service staff with only a small number of guests because each table is different; it has its own niche and unique habitat and that only an observant and meticulous server dedicated solely to his/her guests of that table can really understand and cater to each guest's needs. Instead of feuille being a culinay studio with seven tables, it is in fact seven little small dining rooms with their very own butlers and stewardesses.

The practicum of this ideology takes more than like-minded group of professionals to pull it off. Devotions, committement, and perserverance are the very minimal requirements any potential candidate should undoubtedly possess and be a part of their personal traits and characters. You have to be able to work independently, possess a stong will to learn, and likewise, be committed, knowing that feuille does not have fixed service hours. If you wish to learn, grow and be a part of feuill'e learning process, it would be a pleasure for us to hear from you.

Cover letter is your voice to us. A cover letter that is worth your time is also worth ours. Regardless of the degree of your education and background, tell us how you stand out from others and why you think you are a suitable candidate for feuille's potential positions and how you can be beneficial as part of feuille's team. Express yourself in the cover letter and support your claim with your resume and we will also let you hear from us.

Feuille welcomes you to contact the food studio directly at feuillefood@gmail.com to set up an interview.
Current possible positions:
The food lab
The dining room