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Related Information

  • Order for cotton canvas bags Catalogue

    Canvas is easily understandable, and it is made by canvas. Such bags are eco-friendly, and it can be decomposed quickly. Many customers love this kind of bag. Canvas bags are more valuable than other kinds of bags. And the material of canvas bags is very natural and leave no pollution to our environment. Canvas bags are durable and not easy to be damaged. It is more durable than general plastics. Following is the list of products that can be ordered…

  • Encourage customers to carry and repeatedly use canvas all the time

    canvas bags is a great contribution for our environment. Plastic bags cause more serious pollution problem to our environment. Plastic bags are very expensive but not easy to decompose. In streets, we may see many abandoned garbage bags. Not only our environment but also appearance of our cities is damaged. But canvas bags are totally different. Canvas bags are more durable and beautiful, and not necessary to be replaced in a short time.

    These factors makes the number of canvas bags are much smaller than plastic bags. Your company’s image on environmental protection can be improved by utilizing canvas bags. We have many models for common use, and they can be ordered in a small quantity.

  • Canvas bags with drawing of special personal style

    Painted canvas bags are with many features. Such interesting drawing makes canvas bags very popular. The major feature of canvas bags is eco-friendly. If people use more canvas, the consumption of plastic products will decrease, and our environment may be protected and improved. And canvas bags are very durable and may be used repeatedly. Plastic bags are for one-time consumption.
    We engage many drawer to design and produce better and better canvas bags to meet consumers’ aesthetic standard and practical necessity.
    Canvas bags are with various functions. They are not only alternative to plastic bags. For example, people may use a canvas bag as a mat to put things on it, and they may put things inside when they go shopping.

  • Selection and purchase of canvas bags

    Selection of canvas bags is very important. You must select a canvas bag with good quality that you like, and then you may get more comfortable in daily using. A qualified canvas bags must be not easy to fade, and the simplest test is to use a tissue to slightly wipe on it. Canvas is with fewer colors. If you find a colorful canvas bag, it probably is not made by 100% of canvas. Canvas bags are very eco-friendly and pragmatic and are with good touch and clear texture. In choosing a canvas bag, material is also very important. You have to choose a durable and firm canvas bag. Let’s see the order process….

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