Feuille food Lab restaurant


I believe I must be crazy

to undertake such a big project by myself

Sometimes I feel like giving up
the frustrations are high
and the emotions are wild with anger

That stomps unleashed like a frightened wildebeest,
I almost could not calm

Then I picture the skyscrapers as the coconut trees
The filthy streets as the rocky corals
A sandy shore that stretches miles and miles galore

As I reopen my eyes and I am out in the wild,
Winds gentle on my skin
I am Picking berries,
Collecting wild vegetables
Digging up starchy roots

Apothecary that I am
carried away by a boiling cauldron
I find myself again, looking into that future moment

High with hopes, joining me are my patrons,
Smiles and surprises on their faces
As they bite into my culinary creations

My motivations are back,
Which fueled me late into the silent night.
just to witness another
of their joyful moments


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