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Six main categories of product

Materials of eco-friendly shopping bags include not only natural cotton, nylon, non-woven and linen but also special cloth.

PRODUCT cotton canvas bags

For urgent request, please cotact with Fast Printing Center for query of products, and we may deliver gloabally. To order online, please connect::here

Canvas of various thickness Non woven

Canvas of various thickness

Cotton canvas is of broad application, and it may be utilized in making durable and washable bags with good touch can be used for many times and of various thickness and color that may satisfy diverse necessity. Colors of bags may also be specially designated.
It is suitable for making eco-friendly bags, shopping bags and gift hand bags.

Non woven

This is a brand new kind of eco-friendly material. It is water resistant, soft, stiff, non-toxic, nonirritating, light material that may be easily acquired and manufactured. No wood is required. It may be recycled, rubbed and reprocessed. It is reusable, therefore it saves resource. Advertisement and companies’ logo may be screed printed. Such products are cost efficient, pragmatic, and of high advertisement efficacy.
It is suitable to serve as campaign gadgets, gifts of various kinds of companies and industries. Nowadays non-woven bags have replaced cloth bags for companies in all over the world.
Related products include non-woven shopping bags, non-woven gift bags, non-woven campaign bags, dust-proof bags, non-woven hand bags
Cloth may be dyed with various color and made of three different thickness. Your order is highly welcome.


Cotton bags Nylon bags

Cotton bags

Such products include different kind of eco-friendly bags made by cotton. Such product is thin, light and foldable.

Nylon bags

Such product is a very popular artificial fiber. Nylon has a strong structure, and is heat resistant, cold resistant, acid resistant, washable, and water-proof, and therefore is utilized in various application by modern people.
We have products of different thickness selectable.
Thin: Soft products which are often be used as hand bags or lining.
Medium thickness: soft products with touch similar to umbrella cloth and are often made as foldable bags or T-shirt bags.
Thick products. With thick cloth but smooth surface which may be made into reticule, backpacks and hand bags, etc.
It is suitable to be made into nylon foldable shopping bags, tote bags, nylon drawstring, sport bags, and school bags.

custom made aprons/custom made throw pillow/ custom made uniform custom made dining placement/custom made picnic mat/custom made towel/ custom made curtain
custom made aprons/custom made throw pillow/ custom made uniform

We provide you friendly service, and understand your necessity and your design to make comfortable uniforms and shop aprons.

custom made dining placement/custom made picnic mat/custom made towel/ custom made curtain

We have professional art team and may provide custom made design, handle different material, and complete samples and delivery in a short time. If you have plans about event and gift procurement, you may inquire. We provide products with high quality and we have short lead time, innovative products and custom made service.

Cotton bags

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